*Meet; The Christian Paradigm Shifters

“9.Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. 10.If one person falls, the other can easily reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. 12.A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer.” (Ecclesiastes 4: 9,10, 12)

If you are someone seeking continuous improvement and progress in your life, 
stay connected in an environment of a supportive and accountable valued network of paradigm shifters. Get connected with great Mentors, Peers, and Mentees, empowered by the greatest Mentors of all, the Holy Spirit.

The program supports you in being accountable for your ongoing life progress, while, most importantly, building the Kingdom of God. 
Every 3 months, you are encouraged to present 3 reports of your progress. Seeing your progress and growth is incredible, but the highlight of the year is watching how, as you go outside yourself, and surround yourself with like minded people, your influence for God is strengthened and further expands.

...3 Reasons to Love The Program...
The program encourages and supports you to;
• Personal development and growth using GOD Help; This Program is about Progress and Consistency. You are encouraged and supported to connect and be accountable on your ongoing spiritual and personal development progress. 
• Be a disciple and make disciples; Like Jesus did & taught us to go out and make disciples. 
• Add Value; You must be someone who is willingly to succeed outside of yourself. Its not just about fulfilling our purposes, but helping others fulfill theirs.

Join us or be inspired to start a program of your own! 

1. Apply for membership
Send an email of interest to 
*Note, This program is for Laci Club Members only. Click here to join the LACI Club.

2. Attend interview and accept offer
If your application successful, you will receive an interview offer. If you haven`t received any correspondence 2 weeks from the date of submission, please contact us at the above email address. 
If you are the successful, you will receive an acceptance offer. This may take up to 2 weeks from the date of your interview.
3. Get Started 
Welcome to The Paradigm Shifters Club. Complete the 2Hr 3 Step process; Mobilization, Orientation and Training and now you are ready get started!

Mobilization; Create profile, present vision resume, present year goals, etc
Orientation; Codes of Standards, etc
Training; The 12 Paradigm Shifters Workshop, etc

*Program Support
* Please schedule 2hrs/wk or 8hrs/mth to work on this program.
Report must include;
• Progress of your Life and or goals

• Next Quarter goals
• Paradigm Shifters Network Progress
• How Can I Project Progress  
See Example; Quarter Progress Report 
Report deadlines, 2014
• Jan Wk 4, 2014 Goals
• Mar Wk 4, Q1 Report
• Jun Wk 4, Q2 Report
• Sep Wk 4, Q3 Report
• Dec Wk 4, Q4 Report 

(4 Reports; Mentor Network, Peer Network, Mentee Network & Ministries Network)
Paradigm shifters are about disciples making disciples. Following the model that Jesus showed us, build a group of 11 and together, the 12 of you, learn from Jesus, to be like him and live like him, and in turn each teach another 12, to do so the same. * Meet; The Christian Paradigm Shifters. Also see;  The 12 Paradigm Shifters Workshop. You are encouraged and supported to create a group of;   
• 4 Mentors
Mentors are usually people that influence are and more experienced than we are and we look for them for advise. You will be asked to present a report on your Mentor Network each quarter; how you all have added value to each other and to your purposes. 
See; The Mentor Program. See example; Meet The Paradigm Shifters...Nica's 4 Mentors 
• 12 Peers
Peers are usually people that we generally are at the same level of experience. *Start by looking in your close family and friends relationships circle. You will be asked to present a report on your Peers Network each quarter; how you all have added value to each other and to your purposes. See; The Peer Program. See example; Meet The Paradigm Shifters...Nica's 12 Peers 
• 12 Mentees
Mentees are people we challenge ourselves to influence and inspire. *Start by looking in your family and seeing any younger siblings that you can impart and guide. You will be asked to present a report on your Mentee Network each quarter; how you all have added value to each other and to your purposes. See; The Mentee Program. See example; Meet The Paradigm Shifters...Nica's 12 Mentees 
• 12 Paradigm Ministries
Paradigm Ministries are ministries of your choice you select to share gifts, to support & be supported in purpose.*Start by looking at some of the Ministries your Paradigm Networks run. You will be asked to present a report on your Ministries Network each quarter; how you all have added value to each other and to your purposes.  See; The Paradigm Ministries Program. See example; The Paradigm Shifters Ministries...LACIM's 12 

* See LACIM's How Can I Projects


Quarterly Meetings
You are encouraged to attend the quarterly meeting. An opportunity to build network with the other Paradigm Shifters.
2016 Meeting Dates, Fridays, 8am - 4pm, Via International Conference

• Jan Wk 4, 2014 Goals, Fri Jan 28 2016
• Mar Wk 4, Q1 Report Meeting, Fri Mar 28 2016
• Jun Wk 4, Q2 Report Report Meeting, Fri Jun 28 2016
• Sep Wk 4, Q3 Report Meeting, Fri Sep 28 2016
• Dec Wk 4, Q4 Report Meeting, Fri Dec 21 2016

The Peer System
 Weekly Progress Update; Communicate progress frequently. Peers can attend call and or email once a week or once a month or as desired and agreed. Here's an example of a progress session report. It includes the
 Session Agenda (incl. outcomes of session), and 
 Session Report
This is a sample system. Customize system to suit your styles, as long as a form of progress report is presented.
* Download Sample
* Download Peer Buddy List
Wk Session Agenda Sample
6pm - 6:15pm - Coach; Greetings
 & Open with Prayer
6:15pm - 6:30pm - Coachee; Update on Open Action Items
6:30pm - 6:45pm - Coachee and Coach; Discuss plan for Wk Action Items
6:45pm - 700pm - Contingency
7:00pm - 7:15pm - Close with Prayer
* List Outcomes of Session (< 3ea)
Session Progress Report may include;
1. Listed Open Action Items (< 3ea)
2. Wins; 3 Coachee wins
3. Feedback; 3 to Coach , 3 to Coachee
See example; EmNica's Progress
 Alternate roles of Coach and Coachee

Complimentary Laci Apps
You have free access to LACI's mindset transforming apps;
• Laci's Progress Report App
• Laci's Goals Setting App
 Laci`s Week Management App; runs 7 reports that help you have a productive and progressive week.