Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sadza (Corn Meal) Recipe

Sadza neCabbage (Corn Meal & Spicy Stirfried Cabagge)
About Sadza

Health Benefits


Sadza cooked traditionally on the fire

Sadza neLacto (Corn Meal & Sour Milk)

Sadza neCabbage (Corn meal & Cabbage)
Sadza nemuriwo wedovi (Corn Meal & Peanut butter greens)

Sadza nederere (Corn Meal & Okra)

Sadza nenyama (Corn meal & Beef Stew)

Sadza nenyama nemuriwo (Corn Meal & Beef & Collard Greens stew)

Sadza nenyama yehuku (Corn Meal & African Chicken in a tomato stew

Sadza nematemba (Corn Meal & Fish)

Can also be served with Oxtail Stew & Fried greens

Can also be served with Maguru (Tribe) & greens

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